Homeschool Lab Day

Our Homeschool Lab program is intended to be supplementary science education to those schooling from home. This program has a lab day each month, with a morning (9:30-11:30am) and afternoon (1:30-3:30) session. Our mad scientists, invited scientists and topic professionals bring information and hands-on opportunities for students to learn. Cost per session is: $6 per student for members, and $10 a student for non-members.

This is not a drop off program, and an adult is expected to attend with the student(s). There are 30 spaces open for each session. This year, please be sure to register all participating students and select your sessions via the register tab below. The registration and sign-up help us make sure to better serve and supply all participants. This registration is to make sure that we have the most current and up-to-date information as well as correct contact information for all participants.
In an effort to reduce waste, only a few extras of each session's supplies will be purchased.  Those supplies will go first to registered participants, and then on a first-come first-served basis. In line with this, because of limited space, do make sure to pay attention to which session you are signing up for, or contact us with questions. 

Our hope, is that by working together with you, we can create a better experience for all involved and better communicate with you! To stay up to date about Homeschool Lab specific, or emergency announcements and reminders, please join our text reminder service: http://

Homeschool Dates and Topics

Sept. 15th - Prairie Plants and Seed Collection

Now an endangered ecosystem, tallgrass prairie once covered eastern Nebraska. We'll examine a tall grass prairie remnant, learn some of the resident plants, and help restore future sites by collecting seeds. 

Oct. 27th - Light (Laser Show)

An enlightening look at the spectrum and its colors! You'll watch an educational laser show under the center's Whisper Dome as part of this session.

Nov. 17th

Kitchen Chemistry - In the kitchen, chefs mix different ingredients together. That's exactly what chemistry is all about! We'll whip up some edible concoctions and learn the science behind them.

Dec. 8th - Simple Machines

Levers and pulleys and gears, OH MY!  We will take a look at simple machines, how they work, the physics behind them and putting them to use!

Jan. 12th - Art in Science

Doc Edgerton was as well known for his art as for his contributions to science. For this lab, we are going to have some visiting artists bring in their art and we will look at how science is in art, and art in science. 

Feb. 2nd - Electricity ** REGISTRATION CLOSED **

An important part of modern living, we will be learning more about what electricity is, the different kinds of electricity and putting our new knowledge to use.

Mar. 9th - Reptiles
Ssssome people are ssssuper fanssss of reptiles, but we think they are awessssome.  We will even have ssssssome guests to get truly handssss on.

April 6th - The Sun and the Great American Eclipse

One of nature's rarest sights, a total solar eclipse visits Nebraska on August 21, 2017. We'll help prepare you for this spectacular event with the help of the center's new inflatable planetarium! 


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